5 Getaways To Warm Up Your Winter

Winter can be an incredible time of year, but while some people just love the cold nipping at their nose and snow forming in soft chilly blankets all around them, others would rather escape to warmer climates. This piece serves as a guide for those of us who prefer the comfort of basking under the warm sun on a beach, with sand between their toes. Here are 5 getaways to warm up your winter.

San Diego, California

One of the easiest and least expensive ways to escape winter is with a trip to Southern California, specifically San Diego. Although the water may be a little chillier in the winter, San Diego has a diverse variety of surf breaks along the coast making it a fantastic surfing destination for beginners and families as well as experienced surfers. You’ll also find that the beaches are incredibly clean and that the sun is almost always shining!

It’s great staying at a condo close to the beach this time of year, and you can find flights for less than $200 depending on where you fly out from. Additionally San Diego is a very fun city, with great nightlife, bars, and restaurants as well as plenty of activities and entertainment. So live it up and save by booking your winter getaway to San Diego!

San Juan, Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is as resilient as it is beautiful and has made incredible progress in rebuilding its infrastructure and tourism. With world class beaches rebounding, it’s a terrific time to experience their incredible hospitality! Even store fronts and local businesses are quickly reopening their doors, signaling Puerto Rico is again establishing itself as a must-visit destination.

In some cases you can find flights for less than $300 round trip so shop around! Book your stay outside of Old San Juan and venture into town to enjoy the incredible food and culture as wel as supporting the local community. Not only can you enjoy a vacation in paradise, but you can also help support Puerto Rico’s economy and its people!

Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

Significantly less crowded than it’s neighbor Cancun during the early spring and winter months, Playa Del Carmen is a beautiful destination to escape to during a bitter winter. Enjoy the pristine beaches that line its coast and all scuba diving, snorkeling and fishing they have to offer, or walk around town and enjoy incredible food and shopping!

You can find flights into Cancun for under $400 from most major hubs, and from there, the center of town is less than a one hour drive away.  

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is truly a magnificent place. In the past years it has become known for an impressive list of attributes, but more than anything, people come for the perfect beaches, crystal clear waters, professionally designed golf courses, and fine cigars. It can be hard to believe that such a place is so easy to get to from the United States. Flights can generally be had from $400-$600, but you’ll find that when you arrive the beaches alone will be worth the expense.

Key West, Florida

Florida is one of the most popular destinations for many people during the winter, so you need to know where to go to avoid the crowds. Miami tends to be at its busiest around December and January, but the Keys are surprisingly less crowded and it might be due to the fact that no one expected how fast the Keys were able to rebuild after Hurricane Irma.

The Keys’ communities are very strong and the people of these Islands have made amazing progress in rebuilding, so much so that the lodging inventory is more than 90% of what it was before! What is more, you can find flights into Miami and Fort Lauderdale airports for under $300 roundtrip from many different hubs around the country.

Now our sun-loving friends, you are prepared to escape the ice and snow and move on to warm waters and golden beaches!