7 Step Pre-Vacation Checklist

Sometimes you just need to get away, which is where?Global Travel Network?comes into play. Escaping for a few days can be a perfect reset, but you want to make sure the vacation is actually relaxing and not spent stressing about the to-do list you left back home. That?s why we came up with this 7?step?pre-vacation?checklist to ensure that your next vacation is a relaxing and refreshing experience.

Make Sure To Lock Up.

Burglars see a home that?s been vacant as a place to go nuts, so it?s a good idea to make it look like it?s not vacant. You can leave a light on, have your neighbor collect your mail and newspapers, have your lawn mowed while you?re out of town, and even hire a house sitter if you want it to actually not be vacant. Any of these will go a long way toward making sure your house is secure.

Take Care Of The Family That Isn’t Coming With You.

Make sure everything is worked out before you leave for any kids or pets you might be leaving behind. Whoever is watching them, be sure to write up schedules, medications and any appropriate care instructions. It?ll make it easier on both you and the people helping you out while you?re gone.

Contact Your Bank.

This is a big one because there?s probably nothing worse than having your primary form of payment taken away because your bank didn?t know you were traveling. Fraud protection is really great, but you can avoid the mix up by just giving them a call or update your traveling status through your online account. Tell them where you?re going and for how long and they?ll make a note on the account to make sure the purchases you make while traveling aren’t flagged.

Consider Travel Insurance.

There are varying opinions on the importance of travel insurance, but if you?re gone awhile, it can be really useful. If you have an emergency come up that forces you to cancel your trip, you?ll be glad you had it. It can also cover a rental car or even minor health insurance claims, which can be extremely useful when traveling abroad. We suggest doing some research before your trip to find the right plan for your trip, so here is a great source to get you started!

Clean Proactively.

If you?re gone awhile, there?s a good chance most of the items in your fridge will go bad before you get back. No one wants to leave a fantastic vacation only to come back to a dirty and smelly home! So do your future self a favor and sort through your fridge, and take our your trash, and clean your dishes before you leave! When you get back home, all you’ll have to worry about is taking a trip to the grocery store.

Check The Weather & Your Bags.

Don?t assume anything! The weather in a lot of regions can change quickly, so check the weather frequently, so you can make sure to pack accordingly, and that the activities you have planned will be available. You?re going on vacation to relax and be happy, so don?t be uncomfortable just because you forgot to pack the sweater or you can’t enjoy one of your planned activities due to the change in weather. It often helps to make a use a checklist to help make sure you packed all the things you need and to also check in with your activity guides to make sure you’re plans will go off without a hitch.

Pay Your Bills Ahead Of Time.

Paying your bills before you leave town is great for two reasons. The first is that you have nothing to worry about because they?re all already off your plate. The second is that you can spend money on your vacation without any fear that it might eat into your next bill cycle. If they?re all already paid, everything you have available can go to your leisure. It?s a win-win!

These steps aren’t very difficult to accomplish, but you’ll be amazed how much more relaxed you will be when you won’t have to worry about any of it on your next vacation!