Can I Afford A Vacation?

The costs of vacationing can vary depending upon your destination, how you plan to get there, the activities you plan to enjoy during your stay, etc. There are averages though that you can use to set a budget for your vacation.

It May Be Cheaper to Fly

With the high price of gas, it may be cheaper to fly to your vacation destination. Always add up the gas, meals, and hotels necessary for the time traveling from your home to your vacation destination, then compare the total of these costs to your airfare. When flying to your destination always figure in the cost of a rental car.

Food Expenses While on Vacation

Food is also a major expense, and there are ways this expense can be easily cut down. By eating breakfast in your room and sandwiches for lunch, you can drastically cut your food bill. Another option is to rent a condo that has a full kitchen, and then you would just be spending the same amount on food you would have spent staying at home. If you are planning to eat your meals out, then figure approximately $20 for each meal per person.

Accomodations on the Cheap

Accommodations will probably be your highest expense, running approx. $100 per night on the low side for just a hotel room with no kitchen facilities. This cost can also be greatly reduced by joining a vacation club because many times you can get a weekly rental at a very nice resort with more than 1 bedroom and a kitchen for under $300 per week. This will allow you to spend your money on fun instead of room and meals.