Global Travel Network Check-In

Welcome to Global Travel Network. You have been introduced to one of the most exciting concepts in the vacation and travel industry. If you have received this link you have attended our full-service travel agency consultation. Please fill out the entire form below and our gifting team will process and then send your certificate in 3-4 weeks. To qualify for the offer you must meet the following criteria:

• You agree to pay for all applicable taxes, if any, on gifts, prizes, promotions, or incentives.
• That this is your FIRST VISIT to Global Travel Network and that you did complete the full consultation.
• That one of you is over the age of 21.
• That your total annual family income is equal to or greater than $25,000 per year.


Complete and sign this form.

  • Select ONE Incentive ONLY; your vacation certificate will be sent within 3-4 weeks of our receipt of this check-in sheet.
  • I agree with the above statements & verify that the personal information we have provided is true.