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Why Global Travel Network?

Yearly vacation costs rise on average 8% per year, making it difficult for families to travel as often or as well as they’d like to. Global Travel Network will show you how you can save 20-50% on your future vacations. We realize your time is a precious commodity, so we strive to ensure that both the vacation package and information we share is beneficial. Our goal is to make vacations affordable to each and every family invited to our consultation. Your vacation incentive is our way of saying “Thanks for your time”.

Our Marketing Is Your Vacation

Rather than spending millions of dollars on traditional advertising, Global Travel Network reviews vacation requests from families just like yours, and creates vacation incentives that entice you to attend a no obligation consultation. We appreciate each of you and believe that knowledge is power. By attending, you have the opportunity to learn how to waste less time and money on your vacations.

  • 6,000+ Vacation Packages Received by Visitors Annually
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Travel News & Info

Things to Do for a Stress Free Vacation

Vacationing should be a time for relaxation, not a time for stress which can arise if a few simple things are not taken care of at home before you leave on your trip. Things like broken water pipes, or even pests invading rotten food, can…

Vacation Tips to Stretch Your Dining Dollars

Eating the local cuisine while on vacation is part of the fun of traveling, and can provide you with some great memories. Making simple meals in the hotel or condo to supplement your main meal outings can help conserve your vacation food budget. Eating Healthy,…

5 Tips for a Successful Theme Park Visit

It’s official, your family is visiting a theme park in the near future. Follow these 5 stips for a smooth theme park vacation! Avoid Peak Hours If you are able to be flexible, visiting a theme park during the early-mid fall, late winter or early…

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