A Good Company With A Rare Business Philosophy

Ok, on 08/01/18 I was contacted by Mrs. Martin the business manager, asking me if she could rectify the situation, she gave me her personal number, she felt bad that there was such terrible miscommunication, a misunderstanding about how her company operates, she explained to me, that customer satisfaction was her number one priority. I boasted that having connections with Marriott and South West airlines, there was no way that her company could beat my deals, I was a VIP and when I retire in 2 years, her company would never come close to the vacation packages that I could get! Furthermore, I gave the heart breaking news that I was part of a travel club affiliated with Marriott. She posed a challenge, she could offer me a one time package deal at the members price. Here in Colorado, I pick the location and with no strings attached, I chose Vail. She found a condo for 2 days and 2 night for $520. At one days notice and she booked it for a family of 3. I did however, warn her that I was a writer by trade, and if the accommodation were sh–tty, like in a motel 6, the review would be scathing! She boldly replied, “You have nothing to worry about!”
I was able to find a Marriott with the same package and with my discount it would be $475, but here was a problem, all rooms at Marriott were booked and I was limited to use only Marriott. I now realized, GTN members are not limited to just Marriott! They can book anywhere, Wow! what a cool perk! So tomorrow, we are going to check out our accommodation. We stayed in a condo operated by the Talisa Hotel Resorts!, heated pools, and a local spa, very nice!
We arrived at our destination, in Vail, just look at the photo’s!
Here is the conclusion of my story. We have many friends and family that live in Aspen, and it was very nice to see them once again. Because of the rivalry between Aspen and Vail, well, we never let them know that we stayed in Vail. After they read this review, I will never here the end of it. The accommodations in Vail were stupendous! It was a wonderful experience! All provided by GTN! And yes Aspen has good accommodations as well!
Ok here is my final review. There are 3 things that I admire about GTN:
1) Customer Service- The owner genuinely cares about his members and potential members! He has a wonderful business manager that works many sleepless hours, trying to please everyone, worrying about whether her members are happy or not. Its ok, Vanessa, just remember, you can please them, most of the time, you can satisfy them some of the time, but you can’ t make them happy all of the time! As for the other scathing reviews, don’t worry about it! You gave them your best that all you can do. Some of it may not be your fault, most of it may be do to the fact that the client, is just simply, not sure of themselves and/or really does not know what they want!
2) Customer Service Recovery- When a mistake is made this company can not travel back in time to prevent it, but what they can do is discover the problem and rectify the situation, promptly! Once again, because they care! I like the fact that I can pick up the phone at a moments notice, speak to a person who has an office base here in the US and not a person who is out sourced in Bangladesh, who claims that they speak English and it is just me, that doesn’t understand their accent!
3) Adaptability – I like the fact that I can take a vacation at such a short notice and that I am not restricted to just one hotel or airline chain. The fact that booking maybe tight, yet a 4 or 5-star accommodations can be found, quickly, now that is VIP treatment. I am a non-member and I was treated like a Prince, Wow! I should hope to one day, become a member and to be treated like a King!
I have but 2 regrets, I wish I would have joined when I had the chance and I am truly, sorry that I doubted GTN, integrity and service. You are a good company with a rare business philosophy. Wouldn’t it be a true treasure for the public, if most American Businesses adopted such an honorable code?
As it was once written in Le Morte d’ Arthur : “I am your humble Knight and I swear allegiance to the courage in your veins. So strong is its source— I doubt you no more! (Knight Uryeness, 1485) To you as a traveler, I say, “Good luck unto you and all your endeavors! ”

Blair S, 2018