Global is Amazing!

First of all I want to state that I am NOT an employee of or in any way involved with an employee of Global Travel.
We were hesitant to sign up to go to the meeting at Global. We know how high pressure sales people can be. We decided we would go ahead and go and thought we would not purchase but hopefully get the 7 nights for $119.00. We knew that we would have to pay taxes on anything we received which seems to make so many people upset. Of course you have to pay taxes on everything!
We were not in a position to buy a vacation program. We were talking for about three hours to our sales person until we came upon an agreed amount. Definitely way below $3,500 so they did work some magic for us.
The first trip we took was to Orlando. We did not know what to expect. When we arrived check in at the resort was fast and the staff was friendly. The resort was well kept with a beautiful pool and bar area. When we walked into the condo.. WOW.. Beautiful updated kitchen, dining area and living room with a half bath and washer/dryer and a patio with a private full size hot tub on the first floor. The two bedrooms and another two full baths on the second floor. Absolutely perfect and about a 10 minute drive to Disneyworld which was very nice. We stayed again a few months later in Palm Springs CA using one of their Special Buys in a 2 bdrm 2 bath unit. This resort was very nice but could have been updated a little bit. Nice size kitchen, nice clean pool. We used one of our Expressway weeks to stay in a gorgeous 3 bdrm 3 bath unit in South Padre Island TX last April. What an amazing view. We were on the beach! Wonderful vacation. Our stay in Steamboat Springs CO was wonderful! We have also stayed in the WI Dells, UT, and several other units since we joined 2 -3 years ago. Whoever is not happy with this program either bought something they couldn’t afford or has not really used the program. Yes, some of the units could use an upgrade but if you do your research most of these condos are being renovated or have been renovated since the pictures were taken. I LOVE this program and it has enhanced my life so much to be able to travel and stay in a condo rather than a small hotel room. I am also a Platinum member with IHG for when I only need a night or two but Global is amazing! Just make sure you buy the program you can afford that will work for you. We opted to just buy a program with Two Expressway weeks and we check frequently for the Special Buy weeks that are open to everybody. I hate seeing all of these negative posts. Happy people don’t always take the time to do these reviews so I wanted to take that time today to thank the people at Global and share my wonderful experience with them.

Barb D, 2018