Got The Value Out To Cover What We Paid With Our First Trip

We bought, and got the value out to cover what we paid with our first trip, an Alaskan cruise for our 20th anniversary.
We have really enjoyed our most recent trips, and are considering buying additional stars, which will allow us more trips, upgrades, or peak period travel.
The good:
We have traveled to Alaska, Hawaii, and many trips in California. The cost per week is generally one third of what people that actually own the physical timeshare pay in annual dues or maintenance. The only way to use this, is in full week stays, however, for us the reason we bought in was to force ourselves to take vacations. Our most recent week was the best yet, a full week in Lake Tahoe for a few hundred dollars, with direct gondola access from our two bedroom condo to Heavenly Valley Ski Resort. Absolute top flight timeshare community, in room spa, and more than enough space for a family of 5.
The Bad
Although this is not true of our latest experience, some of the places we’ve gone were quite dated. A resort on on the Big Island of Hawaii had no air conditioning. A resort in Lake Tahoe had no elevator and the parking lot was several flights of stairs below the base of the building we stayed in. You have to read the fine print in order to know what you’re going to have when you get there.

Matthew H, 2016