Great Deals On Travel

They seem like a great company and great deals on travel. But they are VERY pushy on trying to get you to sign up with the company and they will offer you some great deals and will work with you which was great but we werent in a situatuon where we could do it and they kept trying to force it on us almost. What i wish they wouldve told us up front was it was going to be a big buy in. I believe it was $9,000+ buy in (one time fee) and then $389 for every year that you use your membership (you dont have to pay this yearly if you dont vacation) and $229 per week on weekend that you use a condo. So it seems very reasonable for a vacation especially if you go overseas, however they were so pushy it was really a turn off especially where we couldnt financially do it right now and felt like our concerns for jumping into the company werent valid. But they still gave us a week free at a few select locations for sitting through the presentation so id say it was worth our time and hope someday we can come back when the time is better.

Courtney Isom, 2018