GTN Has Earned Their 5 Stars

Let me start this updated review by saying that GTN has earned their 5 stars and I’ll more than likely become a member in the future.
After hearing about our problems with the 3rd party company that provides the “free” travel package, GTN called to help us get things moving forward. Given our delays and struggle to get the trip booked, GTN went the extra mile and covered the taxes/fees Casablanca normally requires to schedule your trip. ($60 per person = $240 total)
So GTN didn’t stop there and even called to confirm everything went fine with the trip to Disneyland we finally made the last week of January!!
The GTN rep was disappointed to hear that CASABLANCA required us to pay $309 to “upgrade” our travel to a direct flight between Sacramento and LA. The “free” travel option required we drive 90 minutes for a flight from San Francisco to DALLAS with a 5-hour layover there before catching the connecting flight back to LA. This meant over 10 hours of total travel time for a DRIVE that takes around 6 hours from Sacramento. Unreal nonsense.
GTN rocks and would probably benefit from terminating their connection with these hustlers at CASABLANCA.

Ted K, 2017