I Can’t Wait To See The World

If you like to travel please read
My partner and I went in to listen to the 90 minute presentation with a firm NO in the back our mind. The presentation was very informative, everyone was nice and didn’t force us to buy anything. We spoke with Mick and he was able to answer any additional questions we had. He was also very well prepared with his portfolio and trips he’s gone on himself. The FREE trip isn’t free, the Stay at a condominium is FREE for 7nights and 8 days but not the airfare. **Come guys it’s not all inclusive with air.** We like to travel and coming up with $6000 can be hard. They said we can take the same trip we just got back from for way less. We went to Dominican republic. They broke it down for us and it came to about half of what we spent. It’s about $350 for 7 nights and 8 days DOES NOT INCLUDE YOUR FLIGHT. Still way cheaper than what we paid. The best part is that they were able to work with our deposit when we finally made the decision to purchase and we still get our FREE stay (we just have to buy the flights) good thing is that when you decide you want to travel they will help with finding good deals on flights. The place we picked for our free stay was Mexico and it was approximately $245 for 1 night X7 = $1750 not to mention all other taxes and fees and flight. We’re to Mexico for 1 full week and only paying about $800 round trip for 2 Wow that’s a savings almost 2 Grand. I can’t wait to see the world.

Alex C, 2018