I Have A Traditional Timeshare And Hate It!

I really like this vacation club! I started with 6 stars and upgraded to 8 stars! I have recently retired and am loving it! I’ve been to so many places! If I don’t use it one year, I don’t pay the fee’s! It doesn’t cost more stars to go out side the US or if you want a 2 bedroom, which is why I upgraded to 8 stars. I’ve let my friends use it, I’ve booked a room for my sister and her husband for their anniversary! No problems! I have a traditional timeshare and hate it! I have to trade it in a use RCI. This is the way to go! I have many regrets about the traditional timeshares I own, but NO regrets about this vacation club! I really am glad I got it. My only complaint would be about the expressways, the selection isn’t always that great! But I can book in advance and get what I want. Almost all of the places I’ve stayed were high quality beautiful places. Every now and them I get a place I’m not crazy about, but overall it’s a great way to travel! No regrets here!!

Catherine Duke, 2016