I Think It Is One Of The Best Timeshare Alternatives Out there

All the complaints I am reading are from people who never joined but want their free stuff. Ok, they were promised free stuff, I get it. But every timeshare pitch in the world offers free items and of course there is fine print and limitations and exclusions. I can’t believe that people really believe they are going to get thousands of dollars in travel and gifts for only an hour of their time.
Anyhow, I actually joined. I think it is one of the best timeshare alternatives out there. I only pay annual fees (which are reasonable) for years I use my stars. If I don’t travel that year, I don’t pay. I purchased the membership about 5 years ago and have used it 3 times. The properties that i stayed at were beautiful. 2 bedroom condos in fabulous locations. It has been everything that I was told it would be…except one thing. We vacation often in Cozumel. They do not have a property in Cozumel but was told that they would trade to accommodate us. So far they never have. this is the reason why in 5 years we have only used it 3 times. And it is why I only rated them a 4 instead of a 5. But, I do think it is a great travel option!

Nicole M, 2011