I Think Those Interested In Traveling Should Check Out The Program

Received a post card advertising a $200 Home Depot gift card if we attended a travel opportunity presentation. We thought it would be a timeshare and we are not interested in timeshare offerings yet the gift was hard to pass up.
–This was not a traditional timeshare, but a discounted travel service that in-part may be using unused timeshare properties. It is a discounted Vacation Travel Membership that you pay in advance for but the cost of the program is a fraction of what you would pay for timeshares and there is no “maintenance” fee as you do not “own” a share of any property.
–The presentation was organized and timely presented
–The sale rep assigned to us was unbelievably awesome.
Yes, they try to make the program as attractive as possible, and will keep offering deals or try to convince you to purchase a smaller package if cost appears to be a factor….. But that is their job!
–It sounded like a really good deal if you actually make time to travel several times a year.
We did not purchase – I think you would have to be quite flexible and travel several times a year to really get the benefits from this type of program. We may consider this program in the future (Global Travel Network please don’t call us, we’ll call you), when our situation allows us to have the flexibility to travel more often.
Global Travel Network did not give us our $200 Home Depot gift card when we left claiming they were expecting more in a few days. We were skeptical and left a bit disgruntled.
A couple of weeks later, we received the $200 Home Depot gift card in the mail.
Summary –
-We didn’t purchase at this time. I liked the concept of the program…I would have to do more research on the availability of destinations etc as we may consider the program in the future. I believe being flexible on your dates of travel may be important to using this program to its fullest extent as well as traveling several times a year.
-Staff were very nice especially the young gentleman assigned to us
-We eventually received our gift card a couple weeks after the presentation.
-We have not received any phone calls hounding us to reconsider!!! Which I appreciate greatly!!
I think those interested in traveling should check out the program. Don’t be fooled by any program into thinking you will get a “free” trip…. that is impossible…. there will be taxes or other fees.
—–Just a suggestion: Don’t put your phone number on those “interest or contest” cards,,,, by doing so, you are asking to be hounded. If after you do this, and they keep calling you, send them a certified letter demanding they stop calling you…. and/block their number…..just a thought. I have always felt that if you put your phone number on a card, they could make $ by selling your # to other companies…. which can go on forever. Don’t put your telephone # down, use your email or regular mailing address so that would be the only way they can contact you.

JustaMom M, 2015