No Complaints At All

They’re pretty great. The “FREE” trip that the marketers use to get you there is ok, but there are some stipulations and restrictions on that and you have to reserve pretty far out…. but still ok. That trip is not through them though, was a totally different company that they used for it. As for the actual membership and program, NO COMPLAINTS at all. Seriously. We’ll be getting a second membership when we can afford to, to get more stars and do even more. Saves us a ton and our vacations are better. I was worried at first, but now that we’ve used it a bunch, we would have been stupid not to get it. Only writing this because a friend asked me about it and said she didn’t see anything super positive, my response was “how many great reviews do you get on a product that does what it is supposed to?” IT IS SUPPOSED TO WORK THE WAY THEY SAY… since it does, there’s really nothing to say except we can go vacation more and we save a ton, so we can go a lot more . It’s helped our relationship and been pretty great. When we add a second membership we’ll start adding Europe trips, because as-is, we use up all our stars and trips just here locally & Hawaii just because we go so much more now. Again.. good program, nice people, weren’t pushy.. but I would suggest if you want to go more to get the largest program they let you.. it saves you over having to upgrade later. But don’t expect a whole lot out of the FREE trip because it’s not even through them.

Sheila M, 2018