I signed up the beginning of last year and had the opposite experience so maybe they have gotten better? I was not pressured at all and, in fact, they gave us the trip and said “feel free to stay if interested or leave it not”! NO PRESSURE AT ALL! I stayed and got more info and ended up joining. My free trip had stipulations, as all of them do, but I followed the instructions, got my trip number, made my reservation, and ended up at one of the best resorts on Kaui! I just used my stars for this year for my daughter and ended up calling over 10 times to ask questions and the customer service has always been outstanding. I really love the travel group and appreciate all the customer service and great resorts they have to offer. My only negative would be that I was not told there was a $200 reservation fee plus the refundable deposit when using the stars and I thought we only had a yearly maintenance fee and the deposit so was surprised when I made the reservation. I still save tons on travel through and used it last year and this year and will continue to use it yearly.

Rachelle V, 2013