Nothing In Life Is Free, Folks

Here is the deal folks.
I was drawn in by a booth at Pride and was informed by the guy there that 20$ and airport taxes could snag me a 4 day trip to mexico.
He was straight up with me – we would be responsible for the taxes. Reading some of the other reviews, it seems the folks who drew you into the place (who I believe work for a whole different company) were deceitful. You can’t honestly expect a 4 day trip, airfare, all inclusive, etc, to be bleeding free! So I will update after I take it – but I expect a $220 pricetag – a good bargain!
You sit through a pitch – around 90-120 mins. It is enticing! And, if I could afford it – I would 100% buy it. But I am young, not financially stable, and my partner isn’t either. Let me say that again – I WOULD buy this if I could. In fact, I initially signed up to buy it and decided I couldn’t afford it and backed out.
I was a bit annoyed too by the fact that the gift card is not really a gift card – but if my gf and I can go to Mexico for 220$, i don’t f*cking care.
Nothing in life is free, folks. Relax.

Kristin T, 2013