Spend A Week In A Resort Or Condo For What Usually Would Cost Per Night

We have been members for 3 years and actually find it quite good. We travel a lot and have used this company’s program about 15 times without any glitches. Whenever we have questions or issues, the reps have been helpful, polite and friendly. We did try booking through the travel agency arm but found it to be just as limiting as any other agency or the airlines.

The only negative: lately we were asked to come in for a program update, which was a sales pitch to increase our benefits for a “mere” $1800. We decided after much discussion and research (in their office) to upgrade. Uh oh… the “deal” we signed is not being reflected on our account. OK, no biggie, we can have that corrected. EXCEPT! NO one seems to be able to correct the errors and so far, after two weeks of trying to work with them, NO ONE seems to be able to answer my emails or return my calls.

So, a charge card challenge is in store..

But overall, if one uses the program and doesn’t mind staying in resorts or condos out of city centers (a couple have been kinda remote, but worth it) then this is a good program. Where else can one spend a week in a resort or condo for what usually would cost per night….

K B, 2015