Thanks Global

After reading all the reviews I felt the strong need to respond. Our experience was so opposite of the numerous negative ones we have read! It was like they were talking about a totally different company.
We had never heard of Global Travel until we met a sales rep at the Dicken’s Festival. We were pretty skeptical, but not knowing what we were getting into…other than a sales pitch in trade for a free trip, we decided to give it a whirl. The night we were scheduled they were so busy that they asked if we would be willing to come back, and for doing so they would give us another free trip (this one for three days and two nights to any one of more than thirty popular resorts mostly in the US). Their surprising generosity made it an easy decision to come back.
When we went back, we were only expecting to be there for 60-90 minutes, and were there for about 2 1/2 hours, mostly because of our indecisiveness. Our salesman was very nice, not-pushy, and seemed interested in us personally. To try and help us with our indecisiveness, he asked John, the Director of Sales to meet with us. John was a very likeable fellow, and also a very knowledgeable and persuasive salesman…which I was not put off by at all. Probably it was because we didn’t just go into the meeting determined to resist their selling, just to get a free trip, but instead curious about what they had to sell. So in our situation we really wanted someone who was good enough at their job to help us understand their service and its benefits. It didn’t turn out to be what we expected, and we didn’t go into the meeting thinking we would be as interested as we ended up being, but they truly have a great program! I’m not trying to imply that it is for everyone, and they acknowledged that as well.
John was especially helpful, because it was so easy to feel his strong sense of mission and belief in what he is selling. It is so strong because he lives what he sells with his own family, and has numerous wonderful stories of the difference it has made in numerous other families lives. He went out of his way to help make the right program for our family and situation. He gave us so much good information to consider, and was exceptionally patient and non-pushy.
We have yet to try out their vacation properties, but from studying them on line they not only have a ton of choices all over the world (about 5,000), but they have many truly beautiful condos…way beyond a nice upscale hotel experience, and about 1/3 of them exceptional 5 star properties.
Thanks Global, Roark S. (SLC)

Roark S, 2018