Their Presentation Is Totally Worth Your Time

We had a great experience with GTN. We were invited to a presentation and although we were there longer than expected, we also asked ?lot of questions. In the end, it wasn’t the right time for us to buy with them, but they most definitely delivered on their promised gift. We took a trip to Cancun. Booking was super easy, and the resort was absolutely beautiful! It waseasily the best trip we had ever been on.?As expected, the presentation is very sales-oriented, and I wouldn’t call in low-pressure, but it was actually pretty laid back. I’ve been to similar events that were extremely high pressure, like they didn’t let us leave until we had talked to every sales person and manager.?Because I’m not a member, I can’t offer any insight for their membership, but their presentation is totally worth your time.

Alina Jurney, 2018