These Guys Never Pressured, Pushed, Or Guilted Us

I got distracted by the booth GTN had at the airshow for cheap vacations. I had to pay a little upfront. The catch was to attend a scheduled (not timeshare) presentation. We can decide to say no to the vacation and get the money back or yes and pay the rest of the $119 for a week in a vacation condo. We have been to a handful of timeshares and this one was the most laxed and no pressure. We sat in with other couples for a slideshow presentation. Then couples got separated with a rep in each room, then they have manager that can go over the deals. They do this in timeshare meetings we have been to in the past but these guys never pressured, pushed or guilted us. They answered all my questions on the week condo deal. We will see how that goes and I will come back to update how smooth that is to do.

Lucky M, 2018