They Are Giving You An Incentive To Come See Their Product

If you are invited in to see their program, I highly recommend giving it serious consideration if you want to travel yearly but have to stay within a certain budget. Most of the negative reviews I see on here are about the fact that people are angry about having to sit through a SALES presentation before receiving their free gift….I mean, come on – nothing is ever “free” companies like this exist to make money & they are giving you an incentive to come see their product. When I was contacted by their telemarketing department I knew what I was getting into, but figured if all I had to lose was 90 minutes of my time it might be worth it to see what was offered. Turned out this vacation club made a lot of sense to us financially and my wife and I decided to became members of Global Travel a few years ago. Since then we have traveled to Hawaii, Orlando, Cancun and Las Vegas. Each time we stayed in a fully-furnished two bedroom condo that was located close to all of the places we wanted to explore We couldn’t be happier with the locations we have gone to and with the accommodations we stayed in. There isn’t anyway we could have afforded to go on all of those trips if we hadn’t joined Global’s travel club.

Rick M, 2016