They Honored Their Promise

Several months back I was invited to attend a seminar at Global Travel in Salt Lake with my fianc?. He was called and offered a trip to Cancun for attending a 90 minute “tour” which I assumed would be similar to a timeshare presentation. We were greeted promptly by a friendly receptionist and our sales person was very professional and I felt that he was honest about the product they were selling. They offered us multiple scenarios to buy into their travel club. At the time we felt as though it would be best to decline to join, even though the product made sense for us to use in the future. They still honored their promise of a trip, and although there were a few Hoops to jump through it was simple enough to follow the directions and book our trip to Cancun. We only had to pay the taxes for the trip along with a refundable deposit for any damage caused while we were there. We just returned from Cancun and it was literally one of the best vacations I have ever experienced! I read through all of the reviews here on Yelp and was really worried I had been taken advantage of. But today I can definitively say that my experience with Global Travel was very positive, they honored their promise, and the sales presentation was actually something I would have liked to buy into had my budget allowed for it.

Virginia C, 2016