They Made Good On Their Promise And We Are Pleased

Ok so I’m back from my vacation in “Sedona, AZ” (we’ll get to that in a min). The place was really great it had a deck, full kitchen, W/D, dining room, living room, huge bedroom and bathroom!! Very clean probably 1000 sq.ft. or so. The grounds had a hot tub, swimming pool all the works! Way better than a regular hotel that’s for sure! My only gripe is that when we pick the destination from the website it said it was near “Sedona, AZ” however it was in Pinetop, AZ which is an hour away from Sedona. Pinetop, AZ is a mountain town type place and it was fun so it wasn’t that big of a deal for us. All in all they made good on their promise and we are pleased.
Advise for management: In this day of social media if you give people a bait and switch your company won’t last long. Thank you for making it right.

Todd P, 2017