They Went Above And Beyond To Resolve Our Issue With Us And We’re Very Satisfied

**UPDATE** We were contacted by the company and they worked to resolve our dissatisfaction. We appreciate the efforts that have been made by them to resolve things and we hope that future members have a better experience because of it.
They went above and beyond to resolve our issue with us and we very satisfied.
We were told from the beginning that it wasn?t going to be high pressure and that the membership worked for some but not for others. So when we politely declined at the end because we don?t agree with making such big decisions on a whim and wanted more time, not only did the pressure get worse, but they were rude and very degrading. They treated us like we were making the worst decision of our lives which only confirmed to us that we were in fact making the right decision. The salesman was very rude and pushy, and definitely not someone that I felt was trustworthy. He made me feel very uneasy and uncomfortable once we said no and what sounded like a great deal in the beginning, only sounded like a scam in the end. We are very disappointed and unhappy with our experience. We also were told we would get a free vacation which we thought would be a great anniversary trip? Come to find out we have to jump through all sorts of hoops to even get the vacation and there?s no way we will receive it in time for our anniversary.

Andee Otuafi, 2018