They’re A Solid Agency With Plenty Of Opportunity

My Wife and I joined Thurs July 7th. For those who don’t understand the set up, it’s not a SCAM but pretty straight forward! Becoming a member based on the level chosen, gives you access to Condos with weekly rates starting off at $349 during the OFF season when booking. On top of that you get the privilege of using their travel agent discount for regular hotel stays, theme parks, cruises and shopping!
Keep in mind folks like anything else, you must understand the business structure, and do your own homework, before realizing all the potential benefits. What they offer is Solid. Though they are salespeople, they lay everything out up front, and are very professional. After signing then cancelling in less than 48 hours, there where no obstacles, or hard sales people trying to persuade us to stay or making cancelling our membership difficult!
They understood our reason for cancelling our membership, and without hesitation or harassment, they did the necessary paperwork within the 5 DAY WINDOW, and canceled our membership upon request. The whole cancellation process took maybe 10 minutes at max! Upon leaving our REP CJ actually ran out and reminded me they needed our credit card to refund our down payment! They’re a solid agency with plenty of opportunity! As a plus they wanted us to keep the 8 day, 7 night vacation along with the $100.00 dollar dining voucher they gave us. Keep in mind we where only entitled to a vacation, not the extra’s they threw in for becoming members! C.J told me whether we wanted to cancel or stay she wanted my Wife and me to enjoy our vacation!

Alberto R, 2017