This Has Been The BEST Purchase Of Our Lives!!

From most of the reviews I have read most of the people that have not purchased are rating GTN low because they were called several times and/or did not receive “promised” gift. On the contrary, all the people that have purchased a membership are extremely happy and rate GTN high.
With that being said, my husband and I purchased a GTN membership in 2007 and strongly believe that this has been the BEST purchase of our lives!! We are extremely happy customers because we know that if it wasn’t for this purchase, we would of never have been able to experience REAL vacations. We have stayed and shared our adventures with family at Maui, Las Vegas, San Diego, Sedona, Lake Tahoe, Kaui, and have yet to be disappointed. Just within our first vacation at Maui, we knew that our membership had more than paid for itself!
Just last year, my husband and I were able to upgrade our membership and now have an 8 star membership. The Star system vacation lets you plan and stay anywhere for a full 8 day/7 night stay for just one star and $105 for the processing fee (An additional star or $300 for peak season). Even if you do not stay for the whole week, this price beats any one-night stay at any hotel anywhere!!!

Gabby H, 2016