This Is Not For Everyone

These guy’s are a much better way to get access to condo’s in top destinations than paying retail, or buying a timeshare. I noticed that most, if not all the complaints are from people that DO NOT own the program. First, this is not for everyone. If you hunt for the cheapest price for accommodations when you go on vacation, and say things like, ” I don’t care about the room, I just sleep there.” This is not for you!!! Go spend your money at motel 6. On the other hand, if you want to stay in some of the best resort areas in the nicest places, there is no better program available. When I vacation, I want a CONDO, not a cheap hotel. I want separate bedrooms, kitchen, view of the ocean etc. I also don’t like what my friends, and parents have to go through to use their timeshare. I have none of that. I can take my kids to Hawaii for a week, stay in incredible accommodations, and pay less than a hotel room. I love this program.

Barry M, 2016