Very Different From Other Presentations

I just finished my second vacation week with global I have been a member since December of last year.
When we went to the presentation we were skeptical because of bad experiences at other timeshare presentations we had been to. We were glad to find out that this is a travel club not a timeshare and there are big differences. There was a lady named CJ who gave us her personal cell number and made herself available anytime to answer questions and to make sure our experience was enjoyable and worthwhile. I felt comfortable and I did not feel pressured which is very different from other presentations I had been to in the past. If you travel a lot and especially if you have kids or a large family i suggest you look into this product. We live it so far. We are currently looking into spending new years eve week in Fiji or in Colorado, both of which we have already confirmed are available for us to book.

Lux V, 2016