Never having heard of Global Travel, my wife and I studied the reviews on a number of websites. I knew that research has demonstrated that people are 2 – 3 times more likely to write a negative review than a positive review, and that seemed to be about what we found. In most all cases the negative were regarding the marketing/sales approach used by Global Travel, not their actual vacation experience. We also noticed that most of these negatives were not recent posts. We read on the company website and in a few other places that Global had made significant changes to their marketing & sales approach, based on customer feedback, and welcomed more feedback. They had also tried to make it right with people for mistakes. No company, or all of its employees can be perfect, so if you?re really committed to customer service, you seek customer feedback and then make changes as appropriate. This reflected what our current (February 2018) experience was like?VERY POSITIVE! Also, in reading many of the reviews, it appeared that numerous of the people who were most upset, may have gone with the sole intent of getting a free trip, and not to learn about what the company had to offer. Then they were irritated when the sales person actually tried to sell them something?and didn?t give up at the first sign of lack of interest in buying. BIG SURPRISE! It appears that Global Travel is actually in business to sell vacation packages and not just give away free trips. Humm! Who would have thought? No, I am not an employee, nor former or future employee of Global travel. I have no relatives, friends, or anyone I know working for them, and we had never heard of them before. But, I am a realist about why companies are in business. When we went, we had no idea what the company was going to try and sell us (other than we knew they were a travel/vacation company of some sort?which we were not against or we wouldn?t have gone in the first place). While, like most all others, we were not looking to buy the caliber of program they presented to us, we were not offended that they diligently sought to sell us on the value of it, and didn?t give up immediately when we presented our objections and concerns. I?ve heard that good sales people are like that. From the beginning of our experience we dealt with 6 different people. All were very friendly, warm, non-demanding or pushy, and seemed genuinely interested in doing what was best for our family. All were also good sales people. Good for Global Travel to have hired people of this caliber, they might actually make enough money to stay in business.

Willard S, 2018