Things to Do for a Stress Free Vacation

Vacationing should be a time for relaxation, not a time for stress which can arise if a few simple things are not taken care of at home before you leave on your trip. Things like broken water pipes, or even pests invading rotten food, can all make returning from your vacation a nightmare.

Freezing Pipes During Your Vacation

Things like leaving your heater on, are not enough of a precaution to prevent pipes from freezing. Something could happen to the heat, or even the power could go off. So it is always best to just turn off the water main then drain out the pipes.

Pouring some antifreeze in the toilet and any other place there is standing water can always help to divert a catastrophe. Make sure to flush the water before using the toilet when you return, and discard any other water that you placed antifreeze in. Handle the antifreeze treated water with care while preparing for vacation and discarding after vacation, because of the dangers associated with antifreeze.

Cleaning Up Before Your Vacation

Discard all perishables, in and out of the refrigerator. There is nothing worse than to come home and find a hole in the bread and mouse droppings that have to be cleaned up. Fresh vegetables and fruits will rot after a few days, so it is best to throw them out also. Carry out the trash with all those discarded perishables, so when you return they are not rotten, stinking and attracting pests.

Place clean sheets on your bed and clean towels in the bathroom before you leave, because you will really appreciate crawling into a bed with clean sheets the night you return home from your vacation. The crisp, clean sheets will provide that nice hotel feeling, bringing back pleasant memories of the trip you just experienced.