Vacation Tips to Stretch Your Dining Dollars

Eating the local cuisine while on vacation is part of the fun of traveling, and can provide you with some great memories. Making simple meals in the hotel or condo to supplement your main meal outings can help conserve your vacation food budget.

Eating Healthy, Safe & Cheap

Salads are always a good choice, because they are healthy, light, and very easy to obtain. They can usually be purchased ready to eat in a variety of options. Many times grocery stores offer single serving containers of dressing also. If not, most rooms now come with at least a small refrigerator so you can save leftovers and condiments.

A Kitchen on Vacation

Most hotel rooms have a microwave also, with most condos having full kitchens. A quick trip to the grocery store can provide snacks and easy meals. Pick up some things like microwave popcorn, mixed nuts, bananas, apples, oranges, and other fruits that are very easy to eat without utensils.

Simple Dishes

Nachos are very easy to make on paper plates with some chips, and cheese. You can also get small containers of onions, guacamole, bean dip, and some hot sauce to top them off. There are lots of soups, pastas, veggies, and more that now come in microwavable containers for easy meals. Crackers, cookies, and chips with dip also make great snacks. Sandwiches are great choices, grab some sub rolls, a few different types of meat, lettuce, and other veggies. Pair this with some chips and pickles for a simple, fulfilling meal. You can also visit the grocery store deli department.

Dietary Needs

If you have any specific dietary needs, make sure and bring any of those specific foods along with you.